The Gerson Therapy

Health centre

Functioning since March 2009, the Centre is Europe’s first and only accredited Gerson facility, supported by the Gerson Institute of California, USA. Situated in a protected location of great natural beauty some 30 km from Budapest, the Centre runs two-week long residential courses at regular intervals throughout the year, where patients suffering from cancer and other chronic conditions are able to learn the theory and practice of the therapy.

The Centre has eight well-appointed comfortable rooms with one, two and three beds respectively, each one with its own bathroom. The house is bright and friendly, with a pleasant lecture room and charmingly decorated dining room. Overall direction is carried out by Dr Melania Nagy, supported by medical practitioners interested in the Gerson protocol. Both nursing and kitchen staff are thoroughly trained in the requirements of the method, in fact one of the nursing sisters is a recovered Gerson patient herself!

As patients visit the Centre from many countries both in and outside Europe, English is the language of choice both for lectures and everyday use. Non-English speakers need to bring a companion to act as interpreter. Language problems apart, patients are encouraged to come with a companion who will also learn about the therapy and assist the patient to continue the treatment at home.

During their stay, patients receive the following services:

  • Assessment of current condition 
  • Setting up of individual protocols under expert medical supervision
  • Complementary and naturopathic therapies
  • Yoga classes
  • Individual and group counselling and psychotherapy
  • Lectures on the theory and practice of the Gerson therapy
  • Guidance on how to continue with the treatment at home
  • Information and advisory service
  • Continuous monitoring and follow-up
  • Instruction in self-monitoring under the Centre’s supervision.

Before and during the course precise high-technology assessments are carried out, so that necessary adjustments and/or additions can be made on a personalized basis.